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No Matter Where You Call Home,
These Security Signs Can Help Protect It

There is a "process" that goes on countless times each day that can affect your security and well-being. It is the process that a common "smash and grab" burglar uses to select his/her targets.

One or more of these opportunities may be all it takes to be targeted for a break-in...

  • a ground-floor window that has been left open
  • inferior door locks – no deadbolts
  • an open garage door – no cars inside or nearby
  • newspapers piled up on front step
  • a dark house when lights would normally be on if occupied
  • shrubs covering vulnerable windows
  • a ladder stored outside and unsecured
  • privacy fences blocking neighbors' views of a home
  • no evidence of an alarm system

Regardless of what the process involves, your goal is to have your home/business bypassed during the selection process. Because burglars do more than take items - they steal one of the most valuable possessions you have – your peace of mind!

But you can fight back by putting burglars on notice that your property may not be an easy target by...
Making A Security Statement.

> Having good deadbolt locks on your exterior doors is one example of making a statement. It shows you have taken the extra step of increasing the security of your doors.
> Using motion lights or dawn to dusk lights to increase the burglars' risk of discovery during nighttime break-ins. Burglars don't like lights and will avoid them if possible.
> Alarm systems are another way of making a statement. If a burglar thinks your home has an alarm system you have increased the odds your home will be bypassed.

Do Security System Signs Deter Burglars? YES!

Sneaky Burglar JPEGIn one survey sent to 300 burglars behind bars, a number of questions were asked to determine how they went about their selection of which properties to burglarize. Of the responses received, a large percentage said that they would be discouraged from burglarizing a building if they suspected it was protected by an alarm system.

Security signs – a simple, effective security measure

Security system signs should be part of your security program whether you have a security system or not. By clearly displaying one or more of these professionally designed security signs, you will be putting burglars and looters on notice to forget about targeting this home or business, go somewhere else! And if you are a renter, investing in security signs may be one of the few options you have to prevent your residence from being targeted.

If most of your neighbors have security alarm signs prominently displayed, you don't want to be one of the few without them. It increases your risk of being THE target in your neighborhood.
If most of your neighbors don't have security alarm signs, you want to be one of the few displaying them. It decreases the chances that a burglar will choose your home to burglarize.

Why wait? Review the signs we offer and choose the one(s) that work for you. Then place your order  and in a few days you can be enjoying the peace-of-mind that these professionally-designed security signs provide you, your home (or business) and your loved ones. We have sold hundreds of these security signs (since 2003) and have yet to receive a single return. Act now!

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